Fluko Flughafenkoordination Deutschland GmbH
Fluko Flughafenkoordination Deutschland GmbH

FLUKO Flughafenkoordination Deutschland GmbH is responsible for the coordination (binding slot allocation) and schedule facilitation of all inbound and outbound flights according to Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) operating to 16 German international airports with more than 2.1 million slots. The aim is to use the capacity available to an optimum. 

In addition to the scheduled and charter traffic, the coordination duties of FLUKO Flughafenkoordination Deutschland GmbH also include the coordination of general aviation flights, business flights, private flights and military flights.


FLUKO Flughafenkoordination Deutschland GmbH is also responsible for scrutinizing the coordinated traffic (slot monitoring). 

Specific points to be checked are whether 

  • operated, compulsory coordinated flight movements  were coordinated duly 

  • coordinated slots were operated duly 

  • un-used slots were handed back on time 
  • an airline’s published schedule corresponds to the slots coordinated 
  • flights operated are punctual


SAMS - our Slot and Monitoring System

FLUKO Flughafenkoordination Deutschland GmbH uses the IT-System SAMS (Slot Allocation and Monitoring System) for the coordination and facilitation of the 16 coordinated and facilitated airports in Germany.

It is a highly automated and powerful client/server based slot coordination system and is in operation at FLUKO Flughafenkoordination Deutschland GmbH in different versions since 2002. It is used to optimize and simplify all tasks in the slot coordination and monitoring process, including online coordination 24/7.


SAMS is very flexible and offers the possibility to react quickly to the changing requirements of the coordination business like e.g. the introduction of new capacity constraints, new runways, terminals, night curfews, night restrictions, night bans etc.

A high percentage of all requests (SCR, SMA, SIR, WCR, WIR, GCR, GIR etc.) are processed and answered by SAMS fully automatic. SAMS is in operation also in Hungary since 2005, in the Netherlands since 2013 and in Belgium since 2015.

In addition, the brand new online coordination Portal “e-Airportslots.aero” is in operation since 2013.


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